Paintings Inspired by the Adventure

From the images which are still my head…
I began to paint a couple of months ago…
a series of paintings I call “The Indigo Sea”.

"The Indigo Sea ~ Painting #2"

“The Indigo Sea ~ Painting #2”

I witnessed many things while sailing.  The feelings created within my Core become the inspiration for translating mind onto canvas.

I do not know how many paintings will become part of this series.  Several are in process.  Quite a bit happened “out there”…so many images…so many different emotions…so much Transformation.  The book, “Path of Three Hundred” became the immediate release of those images, emotions and feelings and I am working on a second book in my mind.  These paintings are an outpouring of creativity inspired by the Adventure…an Adventure which continues to play back in my mind…even while I sleep.

So what is the inspiration for the painting above?  This is what I was thinking about while I was painting it:

While sailing alone, from the tiny island of Bermuda back to the United States…more than two hundred miles out to sea in a thirty foot sailboat…I came upon the Gulf Stream in Winter time and some very intense thunderstorms. All night long on the sixth night, I maneuvered my Little She, the Sailing Vessel Cuddy, through the storms until one engulfed me for hours. Intense rain, lightning and thunder all around with fifty knot wind gusts…I maintained my course for Home. 

After the last thunderstorm passed over me with the winds lessening, I began to finally see stars among the broken clouds. Before me, I saw three lights. Two of white and one of green. A ship perhaps? I tried calling on my radio and received no answer. There was nothing there except the lights, for as the sun began to rise and the lights still there, nothing was creating them…they simply were there. As I sailed towards them…around them with my compass always pointing to 300 degrees, the one of green began to blink…as if to tell me to go forward…to Home.

A synopsis of the chapter, “…day Six to the West…”, “Path of Three Hundred“.




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