Images from the Adventure

The images are a compilation of screen captures from video and still photographs I took while sailing alone on the open ocean.  A few of the images were taken in Bermuda while I was there.  The actual single-handed sailing adventure from Wilmington, North Carolina to Bermuda. A total of seventeen days and nights at sea over the course of more than 2,000 miles in two different legs (Parts II & III of the book). Yeah, it could have been shorter, but sailing is rarely a straight course…I had a couple of obstacles to venture around. 🙂

Originally, my intention was to sail all the way to Lisbon, Portugal…but it didn’t work out that way. Plan, Do, Check and Adjust. And Repeat the process using the knowledge gained from experience.

The “whys” and “hows” are the subject of the book.

The Future is yet unwritten. 🙂

All photographs and still images were taken by Greg Frucci (Petah) who retains the copyright unless noted otherwise.  Any image can be used by permission…just ask and give credit to this website.  🙂

Peace to You,


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