About the Illustrator, Katherine Gerardi

 Words From Katherine…

“I am an intuitive Artist and Graphic Designer. My phrase ‘be like water, shine like star’ is a lifestyle, 

not just a saying. My phrase changes with the flow of life as needed, ‘Stand Like Bear’…is an alternative that also often applies in reference to the Courage needed in life.

The Spirit of the Water is my Guide and Eternal Teacher. Be it Ocean, River or in a glass to drink, the element of Water hasPowerful Life Lessons and Inspiration about going with the Flow, Gratitude and being adaptable to find Harmony with Change.

“Change is inevitable. Integrity during change is a Choice.” ~kg

This lifestyle attitude is combined daily with seeking self-cultivation through a willingness to Explore, Connect, Teach, Give Gratitude and Empower Others to do the same. This is the spiritual landscape of my path in every environment.

The greatest lesson I can hope to impart to others is to truly understand that we were born into a world built of Duality: good/bad…big/small…better/worse, yet the moment we realize that Everything is an Opportunity to Learn: Oneness is Achieved…and life Transforms instantly as we take our power back, embracing our co-creation abilities, and releasing victim consciousness. In the moment that we embody this, we ‘Shine Like Star’ and inspire others to do the same.

Walking in our own truth is in proportion to our commitment to following our most genuine excitement. If that is also connected to serving humanity, the universe responds even more enthusiastically. 

Be like water, my friend…”  ~kg

My work with Greg Frucci, a human willing to strip away his entire environment and every modern distraction in the name of transforming in the arms of the Ocean, has been guided from the start. There is no way to read my words here and not see how destined we are to have worked together on The Path of Three Hundred and Beyond.”


Katherine is a self-taught artist, who did her first restaurant logo, (still in use), before she even knew how to use a computer. She spent many years studying martial arts, volunteering, then teaching Tai Chi, during a twenty year career in a fine dining restaurant where she got to ‘play with fire’ doing flambés at the table side, along with other delicious creations, when she was not managing, writing wine lists, or educating staff. She learned to do graphic arts in 2006, after being a collage and colored pencil artist, and grew into doing newspaper and magazine ads for the restaurant, which grew into other graphic work by word of mouth. So much so, that in 2009, her graphic work gave her the ability to take the leap away from the career in the restaurant business in the name of finished lessons and the time for Transformation.

Katherine currently lives in Maine, and works with clients across the country in various professions, including Authors, Therapists, Entrepreneurs, and Business Coaches and others who serve humanity by empowering others to pursue their passion through self-cultivation and exploration. She does graphic design, poetry, creative writing, social media engagement, retreat planning/adventures, and she loves to travel for all of these depending on the schedule and needs of her clients.


Your thoughts are always welcome...I would Love to hear them :)

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