Life seen through Poetry: Inspired by the Muse of Me

longtail under sailHave you ever just wanted to take off?  Think about it.

Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, recently published the Revised and Expanded Third Edition of “Path of Three Hundred” in Hardcover, Paperback with an Ebook version coming very soon.

Upon my return from a solo sailing adventure of almost two thousand miles across open ocean, I felt compelled to share the story of self-transformation. I single-handed a small sailboat from Wilmington, North Carolina to the tiny island of Bermuda and back. My book, “Path of Three Hundred” is the story told in the third person.

I felt compelled to write the book because of the transformation of self while being at sea through the physical challenges I faced while alone. There is no place to “pull over” out there. There is no one to take the helm so that I could rest when tired or hungry while the…

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