Life seen through Poetry: Inspired by the Muse of Me

An old friend who is dear to me because of the struggles which he has experienced over time, speaks these words to me in response to this:

“Finding Peace without Closure and Answers can be difficult!”

…yes it can be in the beginning of a process.

This I know because it has been for me many times in the Past. One of the reasons I took to the sea alone, was because I fell into the trap of my own ego. The ego is not a bad thing…nor is it negative…although it can be if we allow it to control us.  I did for many years…fifty years, actually.

We have the ego within us…it is there and we cannot delete it’s existence. Perhaps we were given it as a way to learn. At sea…and through the experiences there…not knowing at first the control of self I can actually attain through…

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